close1 [klōs]
closer, closest [ME clos < OFr < L clausus, pp. of claudere (see CLOSE2); senses under II from notion “with spaces or intervals closed up”]
I denoting the fact or state of being closed or confined
1. shut; not open
2. enclosed or enclosing; shut in
3. confined or confining; narrow [close quarters]
4. carefully guarded [close custody]
5. shut away from observation; hidden; secluded
6. secretive; reserved; reticent
7. miserly; stingy
8. restricted, as in membership
9. oppressively warm and stuffy: said of the weather, atmosphere, etc.
10. not readily available [credit is close]
11. Phonet. articulated with the tongue relatively high in the mouth, near the palate: said of certain vowels, as the (ē) in eat
II denoting nearness
1. with little space between; with the intervening space closing or closed up; near together
2. having parts or elements near together; compact; dense [close marching order, close weave]
3. fitting tightly [a close coat]
a) down or near to the surface on which something grows; very short [a close shave]
b) not far away; nearby [a close neighbor]
4. near in interests, affection, etc.; intimate; familiar [a close friend]
5. varying little from the original or model [a close translation]
6. strict; thorough; careful [a close search]
7. compactly expressed; concise [a close description]
8. accurate; logical; precise [close reasoning]
9. nearly equal or alike [close in age]
10. difficult to resolve or uncertain in outcome [a close decision]
closer, closest
in a close manner
close to the wind
1. Naut. heading as closely as possible in the direction from which the wind is blowing
2. barely avoiding what is unlawful
SYN.- CLOSE1 suggests something whose parts or elements are near together with little space between [close-order drill ]; DENSE suggests such a crowding together of elements or parts as to form an almost impervious mass [a dense fog ]; COMPACT suggests close and firm packing, esp. within a small space, and usually implies neatness and order in the arrangement of parts [a compact bundle ]; THICK, in this connection, suggests a great number of parts massed tightly together [thick fur ] -ANT. OPEN, DISPERSED
close2 [klōz]
closed, closing [ME closen < OFr clos-, stem of clore < L claudere, to close, block up < IE base * klēu, klāu-, hook, crooked or forked branch, close with a hook or bar > SLOT1, LOT, Gr kleistos, closed, L clavis, key, clavus, nail, OIr clo, nail, Ger schliessen, to lock]
1. to move (a door, lid, etc.) to a position that covers the opening; shut
2. to bar entrance to or exit from [to close a street]
3. to fill up or stop (an opening)
4. to draw the edges of together [to close an incision]
5. to clench (a fist)
6. to bind together; unite [to close forces]
7. to bring to an end; finish
8. to stop or suspend the operation of (a school, business, etc.)
9. to complete or make final (a sale, agreement, etc.)
10. to make stubbornly resistant [to close one's mind]
1. to undergo shutting [the door closes quietly]
2. to come to an end
a) to end or suspend operations [the store closes at noon]
b) in the stock exchange, to show an indicated price level at the day's end [steel closed high]
4. to have its edges become joined together [the wound has closed]
5. to come together
6. to take hold [her hand closed on the package]
7. to throng closely together [his friends closed about him]
8. to lessen an intervening distance; gain [closing on the leading runner]
9. to make contact or come close, as in order to begin fighting
10. to arrive at an agreement
1. a closing or being closed
2. the final part or conclusion; end
3. Archaic a hand-to-hand encounter
close down
1. to shut or stop entirely
2. to settle down (on), as darkness or a fog
close in
to draw near from various directions, cutting off escape on all sides; surround
☆ close out
to dispose of (goods) by sale, as in ending a business
close round
to encircle; surround
close up
1. to draw nearer together
2. to shut or stop up entirely
3. to heal, as a wound does
SYN.- to CLOSE2 is to come or bring to a stop, as if by shutting something regarded as previously open [nominations are now closed]; to END2 means to stop some process, whether or not it has been satisfactorily completed [let's end this argument ]; to CONCLUDE is to bring or come to a formal termination, often by arriving at some decision [to conclude negotiations ]; to FINISH is to bring to a desired end that which one has set out to do, esp. by adding perfecting touches [to finish a painting ]; to COMPLETE, in its distinctive sense, is to finish by filling in the missing or defective parts [the award will complete his happiness ]; to TERMINATE is to bring or come to an end regarded as a limit or boundary [to terminate a privilege ] -ANT. BEGIN, START, COMMENCE
close3 [klōs]
[ME clos < OFr < L clausum, orig., neut. pp. of claudere: see CLOSE2] Chiefly Brit.
1. an enclosed place, as a farmyard
2. enclosed grounds around or beside a building [a cathedral close]
3. a narrow street or passageway; also, a dead-end street

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